This Is How We Do It.....

What sets us apart is HOW WE DO IT.




Those national franchises spend upwards of 50% of their profits on corporate royalties. They simply can't afford to use the good stuff.  We fertilize lawns exactly like farmers fertilized their fields back in the 1800's. We use TRUSTED and PROVEN natural products that contain slow release Bio Solids. This gives you a darker, lasting green without the drawback of excessive nitrogen leaching into our water shed.





Hire one of those national franchises and you get a teenager with a hose and a push spreader. Each year we scour the world for the best equipment on the market. We put emphasis on equipment that is dependable, easy to use, and keeps our technicians happy and rested. Let's face it. If you hire a company and they send a guy to your house at 4:00 PM with a push spreader. Are you going to trust he's into it?




Our people have to be at least 25 years old and speak fluent English. In addition, those big box companies pay huge royalties and simply cannot afford to pay their technicians the way they should be paid. Our technicians are trained, supervised for 1 year, certified by the state, and are properly compensated. In short, they are highly motivated to give you a good, thorough job.

Core Aeration - You Can't Rent These


​Our Classen SA-25 can weigh up to 700 lbs with the operator. Get a deep core regardless of conditions.

Topdressing - Ultimate Cure for Nature's Shortcomings


Our Earth and Turf 60SP coats your lawn with a thin coat of rich, organic matter. This creates the ultimate seed bed for very high germination rates. The quickest way to a thick, rich lawn

All-In-One Servicing


Be confident that our technicians don't get to your property worn out from a long day. Those "national franchise big boys" use push spreaders and hoses. Their technicians can have as many as 25 lawns per day. Do you really think you are getting a good job if you were last on the list?

Powerseeding - Getting The Grass Where It Needs To Be.


Our powerseeder has a floating cutting head that guarantees the seed will be drilled into every bit of your lawn, regardless of terrain. We are so confident with our powerseeder, we guarantee 90% germination in writing. NO OTHER COMPANY DOES THAT!

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