In a Never Ending Effort to Reduce Costs, we embarked into a venture to generate our own commercials. The cost of advertising is one of our biggest expenditures. This has evolved over the years. Here are the fruits of this endeavor. Take a moment, read the backstories and enjoy.

2018 - Our First Feature Film


Enjoy the trailer to our first feature film. Available VOD. All proceeds go to charity.

2016 - Our Second Super-Short Film


Shot at a customer's house in Spotsylvania in 2016, this 11 minute, super-short film was shot for the duel purpose of shooting another short film and using the footage for a web-based commercial. This film tells the story of walking your daughter down the isle from the perspective of the father.

2015 - Our First Short Film


Shot in and around the Fredericksburg area, This short film was our first "full scale" production. This 32 minute film documents the fictionalized account of how Firefly came to be and where the name comes from. We had a blast making it. Hope you enjoy it.n

Backstory behind this 2014 Commercial


Our second commercial was shot behind a church in southern Stafford, Virginia in June 2014. We took a small square of field and completely renovated it 3 weeks before this commercial was shot. Look at the field in the background and compare.


The biggest challenge with this commercial was getting my relatives to dance for the camera. Can you tell who are the 4 professional dancers that we had to hire to make up for the lack of enthusiasm?

Backstory behind this 2013 Commercial


Our first commercial shot around my house in June 2013. The two stars are my niece's daughters (10 and 11). Filming this took hours because I could not get these two little girls to stop giggling. Between that and the road noise it was quite the challenge.


In the end, the sound you hear of our beloved spokesperson Dave taking a beating, was actually my niece pounding on a bag of seed. We all had a blast filming it and received lots of positive feedback.

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